About The Option Institute

The Option Institute runs the Autism Treatment Center of America, which offers the pioneering methodology for autism recovery, The Son-Rise Program. Co-founders Barry Neil Kaufman and Samahria Lyte Kaufman established this system more than 30 years ago to treat children struggling with developmental challenges. The Son-Rise Program offers a number of techniques to improve clients’ communication and development as well as increase various skills. Focusing on individualized treatment, The Son-Rise Program approaches autism as a neurological issue, as opposed to a behavioral disorder. 

Instructors at The Option Institute have aided families from more than 78 countries and learned through this process that parents are more effective in healing their children than doctors and therapists. The Option Institute markets three different autism recovery systems, including The Son-Rise Program Start-Up, a 5-day group-training course for parents and other family members. The Son-Rise Program Maximum Impact and The Son-Rise Program New Frontiers expand on this model, providing additional tools for growth and healing. Located in Sheffield, Massachusetts, The Option Institute also provides seminars and workshops that aid participants in empowering their lives with fulfilling relationships and careers. 

The Option Institute runs an online store at www.optionindigo.com that distributes CDs, DVDs, and books based on groundbreaking ideas that have helped millions of people create happiness and success. Some of the most popular books from The Option Institute include PowerDialogues: The Ultimate System for Personal Change, To Love Is to Be Happy With, and Happiness Is a Choice. To learn about upcoming events at The Option Institute, visit www.option.org/calendar.